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Wireless networking is how companies do business in the digital age. More than ever, your employees need a stable and secure connection to the internet to access email, cloud applications, online storage, and other web based systems. For many companies connectivity is critical, there is no offline option for their workflow. Wireless networks need to be both secure and scalable, allowing you to easily add new devices while maintaining system integrity. Here are just a few of the benefits RTC Wireless services provide:


Never settle for wireless weak spots or dead zones in your office. The first step to proper wireless network design is understanding the physical layout of its location. The hardware and bandwidth requirements of a small office with a few employees are substantially different than a multistory corporate building with hundreds of employees. It’s also vital to consider how the network will be used. Will your employees only be connecting computers or will smart phones, tablets, and other devices be using the network? What about other internet connected devices such as printers, audio/visual equipment, security systems, and even climate control. What may at first seem like just a few computers can actually be dozens of connected devices your network needs to handle. If you are a service or retail business such as a restaurant, cafe, or store, you may want to offer WIFI for you customers. Can you handle the extra bandwidth demands? RTC Technology has the experience to setup the perfect network for your needs. From choosing the right hardware to professionally installing and configuring it, RTC has the solution to provide your company with reliable wireless connectivity.


Security is a constant concern for every business. You need to keep your wireless network protected from online attacks but along with security you also want to balance accessibility. Connecting new devices shouldn’t be too complex or frustrating. You also don’t want to block employees from vital cloud systems they need to perform their jobs. Balancing security and accessibility can be challenge for many companies. Benefit from RTC Technology’s experience in wireless security. We’ll deploy the latest security technologies to protect your network. Wondering how to handle employee smart phones and tablets? Offering WIFI to guests and want to make sure your network stays secure? RTC has multiple solutions to make sure networks stay safe while providing WIFI to mobile devices.


When implementing a wireless network, it’s always important to plan for future. Does your current system have room to grow or will hiring a new employee cause connectivity and speed issues? At RTC Technology, we design wireless networks for scalability. Whether you need to install three new WIFI printers or hire a dozen new employees, RTC has your digital growth plan mapped out. As your business expands, so will the capacity of your wireless network. That’s the benefits of building your wireless network right the first time.