Lori V.

JEM Associates West, Inc

We didn’t understand the specifics of our IT problems. We simply explained to RTC what we wanted to accomplish and the problems we had communicating between offices. RTC came up with a solution and presented it in a way we understood.

We don’t have that “waiting period” we had while transmitting files back and forth. Now it’s all done by clicks of buttons right on our network! RTC has brought us into the 21st century.

Sean D.

PK Delp Structural Engineering

RTC is very conscientious of my business and the times at which it is best to service the systems. They promptly respond to matters, and when items of the utmost importance arise, they solve them with increased haste.
It comes across that there is a genuine desire to provide great service with a friendly nature. Just as important as being able to solve problems is the ability to foresee problems that haven’t even become apparent yet. RTC took steps to either prevent those problems and/or create a protocol to overcome them.

Jason N.

HM Lighting

RTC is great to work with and fast to respond to any issue. They are very professional in the workplace, and we feel they are a great asset to our company.

Andrea D.

Anson, Edwards, Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates

We chose RTC because of their attention to detail. Any issue brought to their attention was well-researched, and then they always gave us multiple options. When it comes to customer service, Sargon and Tera at RTC have been unbelievable. Any issue brought to their attention has been resolved in a timely manner. They are always professional and very friendly. Without any reservations, I would recommend RTC to anyone.

Todd-Avery L.

ABA Design Studio

RTC completely removed the fear-factor and intimidation we had always experienced in managing our IT infrastructure. They educated us and respectfully and with great intelligence helped us raise our level of understanding, responsibility, accountability, and pro-active thinking about how we, as a company, needed to be more in-tune with our needs, utilization, and expectations. RTC was an amazing mentor for us. RTC demonstrated the highest level of intelligence, creativity, professionalism, strategic thinking, responsiveness, congeniality, and budget consciousness. Brilliant and beyond our highest expectations! RTC is an anomaly in today’s business world and in particular, Las Vegas. Most IT support companies will only ever aspire to be what RTC is today.

Becky Q.

Quinn Development and Construction

We outgrew the knowledge of our previous service provider. RTC uses state-of-the-art equipment and after consulting with us concerning the types of needs that we have, RTC advised us what would work and what to steer clear of. The level of expertise was outstanding. RTC is very professional. They are helpful and quick to assist when problems arise. They can work through steps even over the telephone to solve a problem. They run a 24/7 office and always attended to our needs quickly and efficiently.

Kathy D.

Garfield Traub Development LLC

RTC’s experience with technical knowledge and responsiveness left both our offices very impressed. They have provided our company with smoother operations when a problem occurs. Our questions or problems could quickly be addressed and solved through email.