Here are just a few of the industries we provide expert surveillance systems for:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • 24/7 Monitoring

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Once considered only necessary for large corporations, Surveillance Systems are an essential tool of business in the 21st Century. Operating without an effective surveillance system creates unnecessary risks for your company and employees. Consider just a few of benefits provided by surveillance.

Security and Safety

How secure is your office after hours? After everyone goes home for the day, does your business become a prime target for vandalism or robbery? Looking to keep your employees safe walking to their cars at night? Visible security cameras and signage provide a powerful deterrent, telling would be criminals to move on to another location. Need to protect retail inventory? Nothing makes shoplifters think twice like a surveillance system watching their every move.

Liability Protection

Has a customer claimed they were injured on your property? Or has one of your employees filed a human resources’ claim? With a properly designed and installed surveillance system, you are never left wondering what really happened. Counter fraudulent slip-and-fall claims with clear footage of any incidents. Manage staff issues before they escalate by holding employees accountable with video of their actions. Reduce your potential liability with state of the art surveillance.


Need to manage employee productivity? Surveillance systems allow you to monitor what your employees are doing and how they spend their work day. Recover lost productivity and increase employee output with the right system.

Installing a surveillance system is much more than simply mounting some cameras around your property. How many cameras do you need? Are the cameras strategically positioned to capture the most important footage? How many control units will you need? Do you need to remote manage the system? How is the data saved and stored? RTC is here to answer all your questions.

RTC is your surveillance system expert. No one size fits all solutions here. We will custom design the right system to match your specific needs. We have surveillance solutions for companies of all sizes, from small business offices to large industrial complexes.