We go the extra mile for our clients

That’s why more than 90 percent of our business comes through client referrals. We’re not just an outside technology vendor—we’re your partner in defining, designing, and refining your IT solutions.

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The service doesn’t stop when the project ends.

Does your IT company answer when you call? Some companies disappear as soon as the project is done. Others outsource follow up support to overseas call centers where you’ll never know who is answering your request. RTC Technology believes in a different approach. As your IT partners, we are always available to answer your call and provide personalized support.

Tools are only useful when people can use them.

Technology is really only helpful if your team is comfortable using it. Productivity goes right out the window if employees are struggling with an IT solution. We don’t expect everyone in your office to be experts, so we provide hands-on training and support services for staff and management, to ensure your IT investment is rewarded with increased efficiency.

Your partner for every stage.

As your IT needs grow, RTC Technology will be right by your side. We stay up to date on your current IT infrastructure so that we remain responsive to your company’s expansion and technology needs. As your needs grow, you may find that the best solution is to bring an in-house IT person on board. RTC is here to assist with candidate screening and selection so that you feel comfortable in making the right hiring choice.

We make our support team available for telephone support

If serious problems arise that hinder your business, we deliver long-lasting solutions quickly …not quick fixes that will fail in a few months time. Fix the problem right the first time. RTC Technology is your trust partner today and into the future.