Important Questions to Answer:

  • How many employees will use the system?
  • What system do you currently have?
  • What features do you need? (Conferencing, recording, metrics, etc.)
  • How do you prefer to control the system?
  • Do any of your employees work remotely?
  • How much do you plan to expand in the future?
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Which Phone System is Right for You?

Communicating with your customers is a vital part of your daily operations. You need a telephony system that handles call volume and provides the features your employees require to do their jobs. Choosing the best solution for you company is both essential and challenging. Are you looking to run everything from a laptop with a cloud based VoIP system or do you want to manage your own hardware with Customer Premise Equipment? RTC Technology is your partner, explaining the pros and cons of each technology and helping you make the strategic choice.

VoIP Cloud

If your company is just starting out or you have a smaller number of employees, a hosted Voice Over IP system may be the right choice. Upfront costs are low since you don’t need to purchase servers or PBX units. Hosted plans usually charge per employee and include numerous features along with cloud based system control. Since the equipment is not onsite, you do not need dedicated IT staff to maintain it.

Customer Premise Equipment

Many larger companies choose to purchase and maintain their own telephony systems on-premise. This eliminates the need for monthly hosting costs. Organizations with a large number of users save money by no longer having to pay the per employee costs of hosting plans. Existing legacy systems can often be easily upgraded and modernized to add new features. With premise equipment, companies have greater direct control over the system.

Hybrid Systems

Combining cloud solutions with onsite servers allows for customized solutions to best meet the unique needs of your company. With a hybrid system you can choose the best features and create a system custom tailored to your business goals. This allows you to have all the features you want along with control of the hardware.

Choosing the Best Solution for Your Company

Let the communications experts at RTC Technology answer all your telephony questions. Let take us provide you with a system perfectly designed to meet the needs of your business.