Important Questions to Answer:

  • What on-premise software do you use?
  • What cloud based software do you use?
  • How do you manages your company email?
  • What are your current data backup and disaster recovery protocols?
  • Do you have an on-site or cloud server?
  • How is your network security managed?

Your IT Department 24/7

As your business grows, so does the complexity of the technology you use to get work done. Software, hardware, email, mobile devices, everything needs to run smoothly to keep your employees working. When tech systems fail, productivity grinds to a halt and the bottom line suffers. How can you manage your IT issues while still running your business? RTC Technology offers the solution.

Managed Services: Onsite, Cloud, and Remote

Whether you are concerned about network management and security, data backup, email configuration, or software updates; RTC Technology is your full service IT department. We’ll design a managed services plan to meet the unique requirements of your technology infrastructure. Our flexible service model allows us to provide onsite support for hardware issues, remote connection for live troubleshooting, and comprehensive management of cloud systems.

IT problems don’t schedule themselves during office hours, but with RTC Technology on your side your company will be ready for any issues day or night. Our expert management of your systems will identify potential issues before they develop into problems, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. With Security Monitoring, RTC is always watching your networks for any suspicious activity. Stopping digital attacks before they happen safeguards your secure data and customer information.

Contact RTC Technology today to learn more about all our Managed Service Provider plans.