Important Questions to Answer:

  • Do you currently backup your data?
  • How and where is your backup data stored?
  • What is your protocol for backup verification?
  • What is your process for restoring data?
  • In the event of hardware failure, do you have backup equipment?
  • What is your protocol to restore applications and system settings after a hardware crash?
  • Have you ever tested your disaster recovery plan?

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Solving your Backup and Disaster Recovery problems

It’s one of the worst situations your business can face. Suddenly all of your company data is lost; software, documents, images, projects, customer data, all deleted in a critical system fault caused by hardware failure. What do you do now? Can the data be restored? How do you get your employees working again? Who can you call for help? Don’t worry, RTC Technology is your expert partner in Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Custom Disaster Recovery plans for your business

Despite the serious consequences for failing to act, many companies fail to implement effective procedures for recovery after a major systems failure. The first step in understanding the difference between data backup and disaster recovery. Data backup is only the first step in a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Simply installing software or tasking employees to backup data is not enough.

Since every company is unique, we will evaluate your current backup procedures and suggest industry best standards to implement. We will work with you to develop a disaster recovery plan customized to the specific needs of your business. We will help you lay out a strategy and effective protocols to make sure your company is able to recover from both software and hardware outages. Implementing proven strategies, training employees, and utilizing the latest cloud and virtual imaging solutions means you will be ready to restore data and systems after a critical disaster.

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