Here are just a few of the systems RTC can provide integrated solutions for:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting (energy efficient)
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Heating/Air Conditioning (energy efficient)
  • Alarms
  • Remote Control & Monitoring

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Integration is one of the most exciting new technologies of the 21st century. For the first time ever, all the systems in your home or office can be controlled remotely through a smartphone or tablet. This connectivity transforms your house or office into a smart system for increased efficiency and convenience. Here are just a few of the benefits offered by Integrated Solutions:

Energy Efficiency

Heating/Air conditioning systems can all be controlled through integration. This allows climate control systems to be adjusted throughout the day and night depending on occupancy. During the summer, save money by keeping things warmer when nobody’s home. Set the controls to automatically start cooling the house as everyone is traveling home. At the office, HVAC systems can be decreased at night when the building is empty and start up again in the morning before employees start arriving. Smart optimize your energy usage and save money.


Integrated control allows you to manage your security and surveillance systems from anywhere. Perform an after hour inspection of your business from your couch at home. Someone knocking on the front of your house while you are at work? Get a video feed of the visitor on your smartphone and answer the door remotely. Has an alarm been activated? Get a mobile notification. Can’t remember if you turned on the alarm before leaving? Check the status remotely and arm it from your phone.


Control all the lights in your home or office for energy efficiency and security. Control lights remotely from a phone or tablet. Smart sensors can automatically turn lights off in empty rooms. Set lighting schedules based on usage. Have office lights turn on at the start of the work day. Schedule house lights to automatically turn on at dusk. Make it look like you are at home while on vacation with lighting schedules. Keep the office looking busy on weekends with automated lighting.